Rebecca Williams

Meet the beautiful and lovely Rebecca Williams (AKA Aunty Bec) Who completed our 6 month Transformation Photo Shoot journey. ... Sometimes trying to lose weight or get in the best shape of your life isn't always enough motivation to keep you going. When you commit to something that scares the crap out of you and you know you can't back out, you start to learn that: Your age is not an obstacle it's just a number And most importantly you learn that no matter how many excuses you have, they will only keep you in the same place. One of the most incredible things about Bec is she doesn't give up she is consistent at implementing the things we teach! As we all know when it comes to results you need to forget about perfection and focus more on being consistent every day. So proud of you aunty Bec

Rebecca Williams

John Neale

I'm to old to change and don't have time! John was 62 years young when he decided enough was enough and was time to take control of his life. He weighed 162 kg and was taking 20 prescription tablets a day. Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol is just some of the problems he was struggling with at the time. He had never done any form of exercise and his eating habits were terrible, eating 2-3 x per day of high processed fast foods. At this rate John's healthy was declining very rapidly and would be lucky if he even seen his 70's at best. Everyday tasks were a struggle for him. Things like putting on and tying his shoe laces, picking things up off the floor, getting out of a chair. These are just some of the very few things he struggled doing. Fast forward 18 months later John has completely changed his life around. He lost a whopping 64 kg off his body and drop his 20 prescription tablets a day down to 5! He went from eating high fast food to learning what needs to be on his plate to guaranteed results. From never exercising or participating in any sport his entire life to following a structured workout plan that consisted of weight training twice a week and two 30 minute science based fat burning sessions designed to burn 3x as much fat. This takes up less than 3% of his week. John now spends his time outdoors either riding his bike, or swimming up to 30 laps of the pool in one session and also participated in a community 5km run in which he won his age division. John told me “he now believes that it is never too late to want to change an better your life” he goes on to say “I am doing things now that I couldn’t even do when I was in my 20’s”

John Neale

Kady Moore

I remember my first sit down with Jayson, I said all I wanted to do ...was feel comfortable in a crop top & a bikini. Aka - "BIKINI BOD" Jayson first said to me, you'll be eating so much food you won't believe it! I couldn't believe it, I was on a shake diet only eating one meal a day, and not eating for two WHOLE days a week!! I never thought the road to get there was to eat three times more than what I was. In my wildest dreams, I wouldn't think I'd be posting a photo to my Facebook in a crop top and one I'd be proud of. I have learnt so much, and have so many more goals set from here! I need to thank Jayson at Tactical Fitness! I never thought losing weight would be so educational and fulfilling! I have learnt so much over my program. Not just about food & training, but more about myself! My low self esteem is gone & now I'm confident in myself! Thank you Jayson for taking me out of my comfort zone & making me do something I never imagined! I'm literally jumping out of my skin!

Kady Moore
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