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Mums and bubs
Mums and bubs

"Fourth Trimester" its a phase after birth that isnt normally spoken about. We are so besotted with our little people we often forget to take care of number one and yes lovely that is YOU! 

You are the brick and mortar of this child and to be there standing whilst they develop is so important, that is why at Tactical Fitness we have developed specific classes to ensure you are taking the time to get back some you time and that you time is going to be some exercise with a twist. The twist? You can have your child/children present! More often than not the more the merrier! 

Our classes are specified for the post partum mum and also for pregnancy. When you come to us Alisha will sit down and chat with you about your pregnancy, birth and what you have been doing inbetween. We address pelvic floor, diastis recti and many more issues women can face after birth. 

Join us in a friendly relaxed environment where you will make friends, you will laugh and you will probably chat a little to much all whilst your children are in a safe nurting caring environment not in a play pen in the corner screaming for you to hurry up. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the most family friendly studios in Bayside. Alisha has helped 100s of mums find their feet, understand their bodies and more importantly get you out of the house making some new friends and getting fit and helping you towards your goals all at the same time and being a mum herself she understands the struggles and challenges we face day to day! 

Head over to our blog to read some of the beautiful testimonials from the tactial mummas. We cant wait to see you! 

p.s mums n bubs isnt age specific any age from 8 weeks! 

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What Our Clients Say

Lisa Safstrom

I keep coming back to Tactical fitness because it's kid friendly, good training times, it's a good workout with other mums & a great price. Just come for a session and check it out, you won't be the un fittest person there, that's me and I keep coming back .

Yvette Watson

I love the supportive friendly atmosphere. I feel comfortable exercising with other mums in the small group environment. Also provides a great avenue for socialising ☺. Alisha is great at pushing us (in a nice way) - there is no way I would be push myself if I was exercising on my own! Give it a go - nobody judges and everybody is at different fitness levels! When I attended my first class I couldnt even manage 1 push up! I'm amazed at how fit I feel after a few weeks. I can honestly say I have never felt this good. I recently turned 41 and I feel better now than I did in my 20's. The only bad thing I have to add is Ivy's poo explosions which seem to coincide with the exact beggining of class time!

Paulette Stutterd

What keeps you coming back to Tactical Fitness? The friendly environment and the fact you can go at your own pace. I'm a first time mum and do the Mum n Bubs classes which I love since I get to meet more mums and their cute little babies:) What advice would you give someone that's wanting to come down to Tactical Fitness? If you have goals, they will provide the tools to help you achieve them. The FB page is great for seeing upcoming events, seminars and recipes! Any stand out moments that you would love to share during your time with us so far? - the good the bad and the ugly Overhead presses with a baby is ALOT harder than I thought

Cheryl Ooi

What keeps me coming back: the safe and friendly environment, knowing that I'm not going to be judged or looked at weirdly for having a screaming baby (because its likely Olivia won't be the only one LOL), the social aspect (always good to make new mum friends!) and you, of course! Advice: Just do it and quit making excuses. The first time is always the hardest but once you start you won't regret it!

Jess Every

Regular exercise has been such a fabulous stress buster for me! What keeps me coming back is the awesome community vibe, the fact that I can bring my two girls down while I exercise, and meet other local mums and theirs gorgeous littlies. I love that the workouts are only 30mins but they can be intense (when you're ready) and they produce results. Advice for someone looking to join.. is to take the step toward better health and vitality regardless of their current fitness level. All exercises are scaleable and there's always gentle options for mums where needed. P.s you can feed, settle or change bubba at any time during workouts or tend to toddlers etc. It's a super relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I'm getting stronger every week and am so excited to be doing full push-ups (on my toes) for the first time in a long time. Holding my 5 month old and 4 year old (sometimes simultaneously 😆) seems much more effortless with the added strength and balance I'm developing. I love that our kids get to see mum being active and it's even more fun when they join in.

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