I Can Deadlift 100kg Now!!

Meet Penelope FIRE superstar!

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Penelope started her first FIRE program 12 weeks ago and has gone from strength to strenth busy working mum to 14 month old Primrose found time for herself twice a week which with a full schedule can become increasingly difficult but is so needed to find a stress relief and some time for yourself to focus on you! 

What is one thing you werent ablel to do before you started this program with us that you can now? I can deadlift 100kg now.

If you could describe it to a stranger what would you say? It's weight training with the accountability factor + social outlet for mums + play date for the babies and kids. Ticks all the boxes. The trainers Jayson and Alisha, are so generous with their support. No matter how many times we ask (the same) questions around how to expedite our results, they are patient and consistent in explaining the principals of losing weight and getting strong. Going to class at the same time, same place every week has given me the structure I needed to keep going. Tuesday morning 10am was always a time for me to reset and refocus - no matter what mistakes I'd made the week before.

How do you feel about your results?  I feel good about my results but there is still a long way to go. There is a lot more to achieve.

What has been your proudest achievement from finishing your first program? Before I started FIRE, the scales kept going up every week - which was so annoying. Then when I started FIRE, the number stayed static for a while, and eventually it started falling. I'm proud that I've taken control of my health in spite of all the chaos of being a working mum and everything that entails.

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