5 Benefits Of Small Group Training

Whether you're new to exercise and not sure where to start, or a seasoned gym-goer who needs an extra boost of motivation - working with a personal trainer is a great way to accelerate your results.
But if you think you can't afford a PT, think again. Small group training is the latest fitness industry buzzword and it's making the personal training experience more accessible and affordable.

"That is why we run our FIRE sessions as small group personal training, the results are amazing and the atmosphere is great" comments from Jayson owner of Tactical Fitness.

According to research, only two per cent of people working out achieve the results they desire without a personal trainer. If that still doesn't convince you, then check out five more reasons to give small group training a try - stat!

1- Cost-effective: Small group training allows you to share the cost and experience personal training at a fraction of the normal price.

2- Personalised: You get the benefits of one-on-one training in a supportive team environment, including an exercise program tailored to your fitness level.

3 - Variety: No two sessions will ever be the same. There will be progression in every session so you'll keep seeing results and never plateau.

4 -Capped class sizes: Each small group training session has between just three and six people to ensure that you get quality time with your personal trainer.

5 - Strength in numbers: Working out alongside other people on the same health and fitness journey provides the additional support, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals.