My name is Cassie I now feel more confident being in my own skin! 

Have you ever watched a flower blossom. The way in which the petals gently unfold and that little bud that doesnt really look like much opens up and your taken away by its beauty it boldness and its character? 

Thats Cass. For those that do know her you incredibly blessed to have such a strong and confident woman on your side. Cass has come so far in every aspect of a transformation not just physical change because we are all about the whole package not just a tiny piece of the pie. 


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Cass Says: 
"This was my last ditch effort before going down the path of gastric surgery. I finally wanted something for myself and to be confident in my own skin. 
I have tried many different programs in the past. I have been able to loose weight but not keep it off. Working with Jayson and Alisha isn’t just about the fitness/ exercise side of a program. there is the mental/ emotional side of the weight loss journey that they strive to assist with. Being able to talk about the worries, not just about loosing and wanting to keep off the weight. But to be there to help you fight the daily wars you get into with yourself over what’s right to eat, picking something out that’s bad, doing a lap of the supermarket to return the item back to the shelf and then getting the f*** out of the shops.
Maybe the difference would be that you guys are there and always up for a chat even if it is the same chat 2,3 - 10 times.
 2-3 things that I am proud of this far from what I have accomplished;
- Being able to fit into a size 14 in a pair of pants
- Doing something for myself that I enjoy, even though at times I still get anxious heading to classes.
- Lastly a new sense of self confidence that I have in myself. Not just the way I look in different outfits but the way I feel about myself when looking in the mirror.
Check out the program cass has been following!

This woman has the confidence of an eagle now, she stands up for what she believes in, this journey has given her stregnths not just under the squat rack but within her mindset, she was her own worst crtitic and after what seemed like 100s of failed fad diets, pills, shakes, 8 week challenges, starcing herself then repeating she was left in despair what next why doesnt it work.. then in comes us!

Fast forward 6 months and we have this superwoman who is beaming, never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be doing a photo shoot she actually told us to fuck off when we said thats what we were doing! 

three things cass says she was most consistent with to obtain her results 

1 - turned up to classes/training, 

2 -meal prep, 

3 - trying to get a better understanding of the process

her piece of advce for anyone struggling on their own journey - "Hang in there. Yes it’s a huge struggle but if you hang in there the results will come".

Cass's favourite part of the challenge - 

'The new way of looking at what food and how much to eat. It has defiantly become a new way of life for me, and being able to pass on the small amount of knowledge that I have to others.'

Jayson and i are so proud of everythign you have overcome in the last 6 months. You are amazing! 

Check out cassies before and afters here! 

My name is Cassie I now feel more confident being in my own skin!  

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