My name is Sharyn I now feel stronger

Take a second to look at this hot mumma!! Sharyn is a force to be reckoned with she has completed our 6 month UFT journey & her results speak for themselves. We worked with sharyn addressing habits any task given she took it on board ran with it and reaped the reward. 

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Sharyn has been training with us for nearly a year and a half now, Sharyn has always been an avid runner and one of her goals was to run 5km in under 25 minutes, another goal Sharyn had which really resonated with us especially myself was that she wanted to be a hot mum and she is just that. By taking risks and steps outside of her comfort zone and trying a new approach to her nutrition and exercise Sharyns' results speak for themselves. We can often can become stuck in our ways and within our limiting beliefs such as age, social status and watching sharyn break down limiting beliefs was very empowering. 

In Sharyns after photos what we see is not just a hot mum but a strong, confident and energized woman! 

Sharyn did so many things consistently to reap the rewards of her dedication to the program but a few key things she implemented that stood out to her the most were to attend weekly classes, train even when you dont feel like it, which we believe is one of the key things to set your day up for positive success, trust that her trainers were setting the right program for her, which is what we continued to do week after week, making small changes here and tweaking a little something there and all the pieces came together.

See Sharyns before photos here. 

Setting smart goals for Sharyn to reach were amazing because once she started ticking them off her list a sense of accomplishment overcame her. Now we just have to wait for next year and better weather to get the clothes off and get you in the water! Seeing the physical change in herself and getting to know the rest of the UFT team were a few highlights from sharyns journey, sharyn explains here her why and how; 

"Why? I wanted to get my body back after having my second baby - I thought about all the reasons why I shouldn’t take on the MP program - time, money, fear of failure. But then I decided there would never be a “good time” there would always be pressures for my time from children, partner and work but I didn’t want wait any longer to just start! 

I was very comfortable with committing to the weight training and having my trainer design my program meant I didn’t have to ‘think’ about the training I just had to do it. My challenge was the nutrition side of things readjusting my mindset about my regular breakfast (porridge) and lunch ( sandwiches). 

I’m 47 years of age with two children (1 and 4 years old) and I’m a medical research scientist. Before children I used to run marathons, I enjoyed the challenge but it was a big time commitment and now with two small children I can’t commit the same amount of training so MP suits me perfectly with the time commitment which I can do while my kids are with me. I have really enjoyed the weight training - something I had never done before and I like feeling stronger."


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Watching you get stronger and increasing your confidence each day was the highlight for us, your running time is getting cut shorter each week now and the progress you continue to make outside of the challenge is fantastic we cant wait to see what the next round brings to you! 

Well done! 

"My name is Sharyn I now feel stronger and I have much better eating habits (more protein and vegetables)"



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