My name is Bec, I now feel more in control of my eating habits, stronger in myself and motivated to continue this lifestyle.

What an amazing journey this wondeful woman has been on to say it hasnt been faced with difficulties would be a lie. See bec came into this apprehensive she had tried fad diets in the past and was always met with short term results. Bec had a few habits that had always taken over any good intentions she set her self with. Bec actually didnt start the UFT with everyone else a family holiday postponed her start date by three weeks. Still in her five and a half months she managed to completely transform her mind and body dropping well over 10kgs and dropping dress sizes down to a size 10 - (can i get a 10 please yes a 10 thanks)

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See Becs before photos here.

Bec is the lady you go to if you have a problem or you need a shoulder to cry on, her giving nature and kind heart you are always met with open arms. She has been so busy putting everyone else first she had neglected her own self love and care, walking into this program, it was something for her, something she was doing for herself and no one and nothing was getting in the way. I am sure if you are reading this you can resonate with not worrying about yourself.

When we chatted with Bec about her goals she chose a dress that she wore in her pre baby days that she was determined to wear again, but alas a dress wasnt the only thing she wanted to conquer we established a few other important goals as well but in order to reach these we had to take a further look into her why, as well as what was holding her back to reaching that.

It was her habits like many of us Bec had some little mental demons that took over being a nurse at the royal childrens hospital meant that shift work was a main part of her life and heading back to work after maternity leave was a huge thing returning back to work as a parent is a whole new ball game with a plethora of new challenges and struggles but bec wanted to feel sexy again she wanted to feel confident in her skin and establish new habits that she could maintain and keep in a busy life.

What was her habit? it's a habit that many of us have but we are probably afraid to admit it however sometimes when you hear someone else going through the same problem you can put your hand up and say yes i do that to, "car eating" her ritual or habit was after a long night shift was going through the drive through and after finishing the weeks shop she would buy a $1 chocolate at the check out, you know you do it. That the irresistible cheap discounted chocolate that you just can't say no to. So this was the first habit we worked on and successfully conquered.

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Becs mindset had a huge part to play in this she was focused on her end goal which really enabled her to push through the times where she wanted to cave and there were definietly times were she felt things werent going right but practised not turning a bad meal into a bad day. I cant wait for next year so we can set some bigger scarier goals, we are incredibly proud of you.

My name is Bec, I now feel more in control of my eating habits, stronger in myself and motivated to continue this lifestyle.

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