Time is an obstacle

"Time is not an excuse, it's an obstacle"

A mum of 5 beautiful daughters’ as well as working two jobs these are the sure fire signs for you to think of any excuse under the sun to not achieve your own personal goals but with Renay it is in fact the complete opposite she wipes away that time old excuse of “I DON’T HAVE TIME”


Renay finds time each week too train for 3 hours as well as finding ample opportunity to prep her food for the week and here is her story of how she found her groove and hopefully it can inspire people with a time poor philosophy that you can also do this too and the impossible is actually quite possible.

I am 157cm tall and was almost 90kgs when I started with Jayson by the end of 2014 and my 12 week challenge I now weigh 62.7kg.

So it just shows at the age of 37  5 girls later and working 2 jobs it can be done now I’m below my goal weight, which is fantastic and 26kg lighter. People ask how can you be bothered or where do you find the time? Well it’s easy, I love going to the gym, it’s part of my routine, It’s my 3 hours a week for me, It’s my time. But in saying all of this, I honestly don’t think I would have got these results without Jayson. He never judged me about my size when I first started, without Jayson’s constant dedication, support, guidance, encouragement and confidence not just in me but in all his clients, my results wouldn’t have been possible. So thankyou Jayson.

Well I’m not a person who likes attention or who talks them self-up, but I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and give it a crack.

When I first started training with Jayson I set myself a goal; I wanted to get down to 65kg but in the back of my mind I really didn’t think it was possible as it was a huge amount of weight to lose. Then my journey began.

Every 6 weeks Jayson would weigh and measure us and slowly I was getting results and chipping closer to my goal, the more I lost the happier I was I couldn’t believe that the weight and cm’s where coming off!!
Then it finally happened… This is what he told me would happen. I got to point in my transformation where the weight loss started getting smaller and less noticeable. I wasn’t sure what was going on.
I was training harder than ever and my eating was spot on, well that’s what I thought. Jayson suggested that I take part in the 12 week MP challenge and I decided to give it a go and wow was I glad I did after totally changing my eating and kicking the bad habits and cutting my exercise back to just 3 FIRE (Focussed Intense Resistance Exercise) sessions a week and maybe 1 ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) the weight started to come off again my shape started to change and at the end of my 12 week challenge I lost 9kg and 63 cm’s!!
28kg gone and it has gone forever.


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