I don’t eat vegetables

“I don’t eat vegetables”
“I just don’t like them! And the ones I have tried I don’t like them either”


Jo came to me wanting some help, not only did she want to lose weight but deep down she wanted and needed help in changing her habits with her nutrition as she could see that her bad relationships with healthy nutritious food was impacting on her daughters understanding of health, jo is the mother of a young teenage daughter who was picking up on the tiny things missing from her mums’ staple diet, this is when she realised it was time for change and that not having vary in her diet was going to pass through to her daughters future.

“I decided to make a change because I could feel myself letting life slip away. I’ve never had confidence to pursue my dreams I always find excuses why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something but at 44 I am starting to see my bad eating habits that I have created creep into my daughter’s lifestyle, I want to be a role model to her someone she can be proud of and look up to”

As a mother with children you would not believe the amount of control you have over what goes into your families’ bodies whilst they are living under your roof. You control what your children eat how they feel about those foods as well as showing them that it is so important to have colour on yours’/their plates’, with the rise in childhood obesity forever spiralling out of control I have the upmost respect for mothers with families that come to me asking for help/advice/guidance in aspects of their nutrition because once their nutrition is under control and they can comprehend what is beneficial for their bodies they then transfer all this new knowledge onto their plates at home and into their children’s lunch boxes, so you aren’t just changing your life you are changing your families future.

Jo began her first online nutrition programme and after 12 weeks not only did she lose 9kg and an outstanding 57cm she developed a beautiful relationship with guess what? VEGATABLES.

I am extremely proud of Jo’s hard work and determination to kick her bad habit to the curb and how her positive attitude to food has had the domino effect onto her daughter eating habits to.
“I know what needs to be on my plater to help me burn fat and fuel my body. I can rely on myself, I am worth the time and effort and trust me in my 44 years of life I have never eaten so much vegies and fruit”

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