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These beautiful ladies pictures below were connected in the wonderful setting we know as our "mother group"

Now Mothers Group is like tinder for women only with babies. You are put in a room with multiple people, who you may not know and are put through your paces at parenting course 101 (there should definitely be a cert at the end of this).

You spend the next couple of months habitually going to your MCHN sitting down getting to know the strangers and there little bundles of joy.

Do you know what brings you all together in the first place?
Before you go in there the only thing you really have in common with these ladies is that you all have babies!!
Now what a way to make friends ;)

Some are very lucky and you hit it off straight away and you choose your little clique from the bunch or everyone connects which is also amazing!!
Some on the other hand are not so lucky and the fact that the only common occurrence is that you have babies of a similar age inst enough to bring your personalities together.

So you catch up every week at the center you learn about the cries, feeding, play time and how your a sinner if your not doing x amount of tummy time a day BUT what happens after?

Well i have several scenarios - You've all hit it off and your continuing your catch ups but where?!

Is your mother groups the suburban chic

- you bundle into a cafe/restaurant prams and all trying your hardest to have a conversation over the general public and the sound of the coffee grinder which can make it incredibly hard to bitch about your "loving" partner and how your babies nappy is presenting a substance which can only be described as green slime - and ladies these are the conversations we DON'T want to miss!

Or are you..

The ultimate warriors
- the house swap - yep i said it

It always seems like a great suggestion at the time and its fantastic going round everyone else's house spying on there home decor, the odd kmart hack and doing a silent snoop on the way to the bathroom
BUT it comes to your day they are due to arrive in 20 minutes your knees down in the bathroom scrubbing off the skid marks in the toilet and spraying air freshener around to mask the smell of nappies and milk spew, the "healthy snacks" that were promised are now just a few spare sakatas that might be a little chewy as the packet was left unopened your baby is screaming the house down for a feed and your still not "ready" yourself and you havent even had time to set up the "baby friendly: area in the lounge room because the dogs been running around like a lunatic.

The knock on the door happens and you greet your guests with the "oh my goodness i'm sorry the house is a mess" & do you know what there thinking this is f***ing immaculate compared to mine. However there is no judgement no one really gives a crap but it would be great to be able to go somewhere you can just be you can bond, chat, feed, tummy time and that my lovely friends is where we come in -

We love mothers group we love connecting ladies that may have not had a mother group and are looking to make some mumma friends in a non intimidating non confronting environment where you can work on your post natal health & its also amazing for the second time mums that aren't put in a mothers group because your expected to already have friends with kids.

If you mothers group needs somewhere to continue your catch ups get a cheeky workout out in and have a coffee after?
Well we are your new home - & you don't have to stress because we clean up :)

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